April 2020

Pimpin — to hell with that, oversees getting shot the f*ck up, then they mail ya back A “Dear John” for yo ass via air mail card board box, body […]

[Pre-Hook: G FrSH] Some are getting by Some are getting more I’m gettin’ mine That’s all I know That’s all I know So this for my niggas and my bitches […]

[Verse 1] You’re sick convictions of the soul I’m oceans that I just can’t control But I’ll do my best to keep my faith ‘Cause it’s beside you till my […]

Daughter – don’t think that love has gone out of style, Just some folks every once in a while don’t understand How this world was planned. Daughter – don’t give […]

Don’t ask yourself questions to find an explanation ’cause they’ve found a way to make you feel guilt It’s hard, ain’t it? [Verse 1: Lionder] Nobody can see things The […]

You little square ass punk Keep up the free f*cking! And, damn baby! She held it and let it happen, probably crying to sleep Cuz I got plenty of them […]

I wonder if it’s time to find my truth Do I pay the price for giving up on my life And giving my everything to you If I close my […]

Pe’ mme si’ ancora bella Pecche’ te voglio bene Che ne’ sarra’ dimane Si tu… nun ride cchiu’! ‘E ne’ po’ ffa’ stu specchio Miracule d’ammore Si’ tremma ancora ‘o […]

[Intro] ADP, j’adore ça [Chorus: Angel] Baby, please don’t go, he’s no show You should put that man on the shelf And if he don’t go, he don’t go I […]