September 2018

[??] What’d he do? [Verse 2: T.I.] Let me welcome you, get introduced to the king Bentleys, Ferraris, brand new and they clean So disappointed when niggas talk shit on […]

[Verse 2] Ain’t got much to do Too old for my hometown Went to bed at noon Couldn’t put my phone down Scrolling patiently It’s all the same to me […]

[Verse 1] I’ve been out of state You been stuck in yours Its not personal You call me than i ignore you then I’m just tryna detach I rarely ever […]

[Verse 2] Bang your head against the stage like you never did before Make it ring, make it bleed, make it really sore In a frenzied madness with your leathers […]

Friday At right is Martha Smither (front) and Donna Toney. The audience for the Cuatro Claviers concert at the Presbyterian Kirk in the Pines sanctuary literally cheered at the end […]