September 14, 2018

[Intro] Now, why you can’t take what I’ve been through Imagine I never went through what I went through Yeah Came, up, uh [Verse 1] Ay, I want more Until […]

[Verse 1: 6LACK] It’s been a little cold In out-outside Switch of the wardrobe Gotta be dressed for a ride Got hit with a winter breeze And all we like […]

[Intro] Nah, but, listen, I’m following my dreams, I’m chasing my, my, my, my dreams, uhm, accomplishing on my goal. I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. And that’s, you […]

[Intro] Ay Are you? [Verse 1] Are you tryna get back at me? You can’t let ’em win, all they really wanna do is distract me She like, “Who you […]

Love Just know that I’ll ever be here I’ll be with you, love It’s not alright and I’ll never get that back now I’m not…it doesn’t sound so good I […]