August 19, 2018

[Chorus] Pull up on then they never stick around Please don’t comapre me to these pussy bitches now Precious heavy, yeah, we crackin’ drinks We run the city, ain’t nobody […]

bit, need it like a dumpling while I’m coming pee On your knees (hot one), pretty like Flacko Jodye Eat this pussy like it’s finger lickin’ chicken on a molies […]

[Intro] Don, uh [Verse] Bitch, I been finessin’ since the eighth grade But now I’m gettin’ paid just to show face If your nigga bummy, tell that nigga skate Most […]

[Chorus: Fekky] Ay, strike a pose, ay, everything you can get, everything fraud Push it back touch your toes, No, I stunt on my phone Bitch please wash my clothes, […]

[Intro: Stefflon Don] Uh, oh Don, oh (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Oh [Chorus: Stefflon Don] Put your ass in a Uber I’ma make you come sooner I just wanna lay […]

[Chorus] When life deals us cards Make everything taste like it is salt Then you come through like the sweetener you are To bring the bitter taste to a halt […]

Yeah (Does it make you feel?) [Pre-Chorus] Oh, oh, oh, woah Tonight, I’m a baller, babe, mmm, oh (Tonight, I’m a baller, baby) Even way beneath it, oh, woah (Even […]