August 5, 2018

[Chorus: The Weeknd] I don’t wanna wake up I want you spread out on the sheets Said her pussy so good And her pussy so sweet I don’t wanna wake […]

(yah) All that out-your-name shit, that ain’t called for (yah) [Verse 2] Who the fuck is this? Met somebody baby mama inside of the VIP While I’m tryna tip Shawty […]

yah!) [Verse 2: 21 Savage] Three main bitches thinkin’ they my main bitch (21, 21) Hit the club and swap the hoes I came with (straight up, straight up) Don’t […]

[Verse] Scooby dooby doo (bark) He a dog in the bed Mayo on bread How I spread my legs (open me up) Bring flowers instead Cause when I’m done, the […]

[Chorus: Gunna] Ice on my neck, flawless baguettes Hop off a jet, barely get rest Cash through the month, I get a check Yves Saint Laurent on my pants and […]

[Intro] This is all [Chorus] Bad-bad news, I’m just bad-bad news Good thing, the two, Bonnie and Clyde The money and who? Trust me, you’ll be mad too Shawty, we […]

[Intro: Big Tuck] What’s crackin’? You already know who it is Ya boy, Big Tuck Freight Train Tuck Astroworld is now in session, ya understand? I’m the dean of this […]

[Verse 1] Every butterfly I get belongs to you You don’t believe me but it’s true Show the freckles arms, spell out your name Real feelings coming through [Pre-Chorus] ‘Cause […]

[Hook] I would like to give you all my time I would like to tell you how much I love you Since I can’t do none as I’m a liar […]