August 1, 2018

Verse 2: Shit den, pull up they panic ching him (ching him) Metal straight in him Big ting ain’t no kitchen (large one) Rip skin tear off his ting (tear […]

As long as I’m dancin Actin or rappin Walkin around like I don’t know what’s happenin You like me (x4) If I’m talkin bout drinkin And nothin bout thinkin As […]

I know you feeling good, but this could quickly turn fatal Don’t ever stop the music when you rocking like this ‘Cause you could lose a great thing like 2Pac […]

… rappin man EJ started cookin, writing verses up on replay My first real hit was featured up on his demo Called “Run Nigga Run”, I’m not speakin on relay […]

Motherfucker, I’m a fool Ruby Da Cherry is cooling with goblins If you got a problem, then you better move From the womb, to the tomb Busting out early, busting […]