July 28, 2018

This one’s for the ladies I gotta give ’em somethin’ to move to [Chorus: Jon Bellion, Samira Gibson] The world is her runway Run-run-runway Said, “runway,” I said, I said, […]

[Intro: Shiloh Dynasty & Russ] Tell, tell, tell, yuh (yuh) [Chorus: Russ & Shiloh Dynasty] Tell me why you’re waiting I don’t give a fuck ’bout Tell me why you’re […]

it was confidential (shh) Check cleared, I’m just pushing enter (woo) Uniport, I’m gettin’ monumental (cash) [Chorus] I want some nice brain (brain), she want some nice things (purses and […]

Bomb first Trained to go, **** hesitation Ten steps ahead, not just of enemy, but of all men Set an example by demonstration, not conversation Fear of God, but with […]

[Chorus] I never really had a bad boy You know I’ve always been a good girl Crazy how it happened so fast boy The way you rocking my world The […]