July 26, 2018

Two Birkins in the drop Verdicts out, yeah I put it in her mouth Fat ass, slim waist, thick lips, no face, no case so they can’t say sh*t Yeah […]

I live in her Gucci, I be in the pussy, and [?] feel like I’m Floyd [Interlude] Uh, uhh, uhh [Japanese clip plays] Uh, uhh, uhh [Chorus] Didn’t trust broad […]

[Intro] I can’t find real luv Yeah Yeahhh Real luv [Verse 1] It was something about your eyes when I met you Yeah I swear I caught a vibe when […]

in his prime, hard net to launch Swish, do it on me all night Yeah, I wanna bust it down until it’s daylight How you keep your toes white and […]

[Chorus: Freeway] I’m from the East where them ARs shooting Ruthless, niggas will leave you naked, for the record Khaled from the South where them bammers be moving Walk into […]