July 22, 2018

Do not disturb! Oh oh oh I’m on the very top floor, room 1334 There’s a kingsize bed, but we can do it on the floor Turn your cellphone off, […]

And every minute starts at nothing Why I’m asking for your love? [Electronic music] Baby, ‘Cause every night starts with war? Just start again a make it [Preview]

[Electronic music] I’ll play outlaw with you On repeat, it feels new Friends [?] just lay down Pour down runaway Like to keep it real low baby This ain’t child’s […]

[Electronic music] Say my name Sometimes I think you forget it You’re waiting for a spark to become flame It’s gonna swallow you whole as you let it Will you […]

[Electronic music] You’ve been chasing my love, but love never chased you Late night since you breakthrough I’m tryina wash away the feeling but you don’t have to [?] now […]

I’d rather spend my nights on a singular bed But in the end, everyone needs a friend Devilish ways it’s just a flash of your beens You got a fountain […]

Turn the clock so when you were mine If you don’t wanna stay If there’s no other way But baby lie to me [Chorus: Ina Wroldsen] Lie, lie, lie, lie, […]

Stuck inside this feeling, baby Stuck inside this love Stuck inside a moment, baby Can we give it up? I gave you what you wanted Moved East right after college […]

There’s nothing left to say So I shut my mouth So won’t you tell me, babe Are you happy now? Are you happy now? There’s nothing left to say So […]

[Chorus] I don’t know why we even tried this in the first place But it all comes back to love Yeah, it all comes back to love (na, na, na) […]

(aye) Pretty Spanish mommy, and she call me chico (hmmm) She said, “Como estas?” I said, “Me no speako” Fake it ’till you make it, I call that placebo (got […]

Displayed a kiss that made the day? A [Chorus] We changed a lot and then some, some Know that we have always been down, down If I ever didn’t thank […]

I don’t know I don’t know if it’s worth it Is it worth it? Will you disappear? I don’t know [Bridge] I don’t know, if I want it or if […]

As long as I got the floor I’m ‘gon use this power to paint a picture of unity Yeah I’m rippin’ with so much energy like there’s two of me […]