July 14, 2018

Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me! [Intro] Cover me [Chorus] I can’t believe how much I hate Pressures of a new place roll my way Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover […]

[Intro] Yeah They prolly gonna call this hate But people hate the truth Fuck it [Chorus] Postin’ drugs all the time Don’t fall for it Postin’ guns all the time […]

I could fly home, with my eyes closed But it get kinda hard to see, that’s no surprise though You can find me, I ain’t hiding I don’t move my […]

[Intro: Mr Eazi & Becky G] Is all enough Yeah [Verse: Becky G] Got me losing myself And I can’t explain it Got me losing myself Mute the voices in […]

[Intro: Khalid] Uh Yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Khalid] When I was young, I fell in love We used to hold hands, man, that was enough (yeah) Then we grew up, […]

Bought a Ghost just to haunt, bae Know you ain’t a saint but you can get some Saint Laurent, bae Know you smoke blunts but you been looking like a […]

[Intro] Uh, yeah Mhm, uh huh Yeah Awful Records Yeah [Verse 1] Niggas got it out the mud All you niggas is some studs All your hoes catchin’ nuts But […]