July 12, 2018

[Alternative music] There’s so much better than the starting Than the starting Finally found some sense So close Suddenly falling slow, you choke hope Find you shading the slightest idea […]

I’ll start when they pushed you Would you come and still hold me? (Could you come into my arms?) Would you come and still need me? I’ll find when you […]

[Alternative music] Ooh ooh oh Uuuu uuuuh I just can’t deny That I’ll keep on growing somebody And I just keep on falling To kiss to [??] And pull me […]

when everything just sounds so cruel? Driving you away the friend I thought I saw in you I can’t pretend that losing a friend ain’t aching inside Time, all I […]

[Intro] Yeah, diamonds real clear (clear) Never drink beer (nah) I prefer lean, my dear (Wok’, slatt) Eight hoes with me like Santa Claus’ deers (slatt) And I’m gon fly […]

[Intro: Juice WRLD] Fuck, Perc’ CB on the beat Perc’, bitch [Chorus: Juice WRLD] Wasted, GTA love, bitches wasted Wasted, I’m on these drugs, I feel wasted Wasted, get her […]

[Electronic music] Dancing ins shinning light stars Falling in love in my heart Nights of our kisses and guitar Something it’s happened between us Drinking tequila all night Singing together […]

[Prod. by Elias Abid] I can’t seem to say it’s over It’s the middle of October (I I I I) If the season’s switching over Ain’t no reason to be […]

Uh, wake up in the morning it’s hard ’cause you ain’t here I try finding your grip, but it ain’t here and I’ve been drowning in sorrow for years, couldn’t […]

I keep looking for ships in the sky Just when certain, a boat flight by And then we flee in, I saw you one night Shinning [?] a blinding light […]

(You’re like, you’re like oxygen) Love you You make me happy Love you You’re like oxygen Yeah when you’re by my side I start to feel alive again You’re like […]