July 10, 2018

[Hook] Take drugs ’cause I’m a rockstar Got guns ’cause I’m a rockstar Get drunk, yeah, I’m a rockstar Beat bang hard ’cause I’m a rockstar So sick ’cause I’m […]

[Chorus] Caramel (ooh) Dripping in my bed Yeah you know, what’s going through my head I’m thinking bout, getting with you tonight I’m thinking bout, wifing you up for life […]

[Verse 1: Dom Kennedy] Bathin’ Ape sweatsuit Cartier glasses I wish I walked around (?) Can’t even take a day off it’s so intense You know feeling when you riding […]

[Verse] Hair done up high Dressed to the nines Tell me what is a man supposed to do With that Gucci black dress And pearls ’round your neck Thinking ’bout […]

[Chorus: Juice WRLD] I think I’m hooked on emotions (yeah) I’m in too deep like the ocean (yeah) I know I’m lost in the moments (yeah) Baby I do not […]