July 8, 2018

[Chorus] Whole gang full of drug addicts (ooh, chyeah) Take a lot of sh*t, forgot what happened (forgot what happened) I ain’t gon’ lie, I got a habit (ooh, I […]

Say something now Are you choking? We supposed to be- Junior you told a hoe you don’t love me She posted about it you dummy All I ever did was […]

[Intro] Yeah, come on [Chorus] I ain’t tryin’ to hang with you (oh oh oh) I can tell you dangerous (oh oh oh) Shit just ain’t the same with you […]

[Hook: Lil Xan] Pray to God, like Allah Please slit my throat And when you die, wanna die Please slit my throat You see me high, almost died Almost slit […]

[Intro] [?] on that beat Yeah, foreign, foreign, foreign [Verse 1] I told em, fuck Russ You ain’t shit You a bitch Diamond wrist, peep the drip Water whip, Plain […]

[Chorus] All white jiggy jigga new rockstar boots do you digg it I bet a hundred thou there’s a ex bitch stalking this minute Calvin Klein for my boss never […]

[Chorus: Lil Xan] Pray to god like Allah Please slit my throat And when you lie, I wanna die Please slit my throat You seen me high, almost died When […]

[Hook] I got a hotel suite you can slide on through Hard D, soft sheets you can climb onto We was jumping out a plane Jumping off of boats Same […]

[Intro] Zaytoven Woah, woah, woah Woah, woah, woah, woah [Chorus: Future] Gone in the sky, over 20,000 I keep my wifi lit I spend over 5,000, that’s just on one […]

[Intro] Zaytoven Every now and then, you know what I’m sayin’ Most of them, majority of the time You dig We in that mode [Verse 1] This is a moment […]

Ooh, ooh What I’m supposed to do when these racks blue? Ooh, ooh [Chorus] I got the right ice I can’t do wrong I got the black A.P The Patek […]

[Verse 1] In my mind I still revisit that day The day we met at the mall When you smiled at me Something in my stomach would crawl I’m surprised […]

[Verse 1] Break down, tears fall to the ground Tell myself: “Do it, nothing can be found” When you’re a fighter You’re a fighter You’re a fighter, fight on baby […]

(Yeah, yeah) [Verse 1] Master of my craft never played minecraft Look how my mind crafts things Be on my halo tings Look at my sonic rings Ahooga don’t push […]