July 6, 2018

You’re too drunk to dance! ‘Cause you’re too drunk to dance! were you trying to hypnotize me? You’re too drunk to dance! [Alternative rock music] Get out of my bed, […]

Stuck in your past, just one day you’ll live And one day you don’t So, treat every breath as your last but know there is still a long way to […]

We’re not in love, you’re feeling lonely Ey, you don’t love me, you’re just lonely (x2) I don’t need nobody else, I see me nobody else, nobody else, nobody else […]

The Endorphins Deep down, slowly suffocating and that’s the truth Lost case, no one there to save me Until you I wasn’t ready, ah Wasn’t expecting for you to make […]

Tonight you gon’ be mine (be mine) Tonight, tonight We gon’ have us a real good time (good time) Baby girl, how you so fine? (so fine) Tonight you gon’ […]

Yeah, yeah (Chorus) Dui, leave em doa Fuck the nbi Hundred racks leave em doa Wait, tmi Fuck twelve And the cia and gbi Post bail Fresh up out the […]

I’ve traveled so far Couldn’t tell you how far Feels as though I have been A million places at once Many lives I’ve lived Many battles I’ve faught I’ve faught, […]

I’m outside What’s happenin’? Babe, can you come and get me? [Intro: Nicki Minaj] Ayo, this the remix Ella Mai, Quavocito, Chun-Li Rrrrrr, haha [Verse 1: Nicki Minaj] Ayo, lemme […]

He ain’t got a chance with a bitch like me He ain’t rich enough, rich enough (No) Calls need to stop he ain’t calling ’bout the guap I ain’t picking […]