June 7, 2018

Wake up, tight knot A heart-aching body in shock Can’t see, too blurred Can’t seem to make sense of words But it’s building up, building deep inside Paranoia driving take […]

You got me dazed holding on. But now you wanna move along. I thought that I belonged, man I’ll never understand what I’m doing so wrong. Can’t change or reverse […]

You live and you die I’ve had this burning in my heart for a long time You can’t put your hands on me Everything that I love is everything you […]

Let me break it down for you to understand You’re just another one of life’s mistakes And I don’t need you Can’t let it all fall apart Another girl to […]

Keep it to yourself man I don’t wanna hear it You’ve never done nothing but stand in the way You’ll never be anyone Dead-weight holding on I’ve had enough, now […]