June 5, 2018

[Chorus] Piāo xiàng běifāng bié wèn wǒ jiāxiāng Gāosǒng gǔlǎo de chéngqiáng dǎng bù zhù yōushāng Wǒ piāo xiàng běifāng jiārén shìfǒu wúyàng Jiān shàng chénzhòng de xíngnāng shèng mǎnle […]

[Chorus] Kouvola. Silti pelkään, itseni sijaan toiset nolaan. [Chorus] Kouvola. Minä pelkään, itseni sijaan toiset nolaan. Vaikka tahtoisin, auta en, mull’ on kädessä lohileipälautanen. Konjakki vaihtuu Jallukolaan. Ei saapuneet edes […]

And I hate Everything you’re saying Anxiety It’s all about me Watch out for those who dare to say That everything will be okay Watch out for those who want […]

Under covered rocks Or would you rather cut it all down? Emulated by the way I lie awake [Chorus] And in the waves I could’ve sworn that I saw my […]

[Verse 1] Had a dream it was on my ceiling I had a feeling it was in my head If I walk outside every time it’s freezing I have to […]

[Verse 1] Haven’t felt right in a week And I’m thinning out And it hurts bad I gotta get back [Hook] Hot head and dreamless sleep I could just slip […]

I’ve been down countless halls And once you’ve seen one it’s like you’ve seen ’em all And I’ve seen two open doors And I can’t help but wonder what the […]

What is it with them? Up late for six nights in a row Figures in the dark, oh they move so slow Sleep with the lights on in the hall […]

[Chorus] And the passing faces look the same Though they don’t know you In the end you could waste your whole life anyway And I want better for you [Verse […]

[Verse 1] Pristine Untraced by the world outside you Anyways I’ll never get real And you’ll never change to me ’cause I’m not looking Anyways [Verse 2] Same night Same […]

Я слoвнo Лeбрoн уничтoжaю ГСВ Крупныe купюры мнe нe нужeн звoн мoнeт Эти суки лишь пиздят, врeмя нe вeрнуть нaзaд Тaм нeт ничeгo xoрoшeгo я нe xoчу тудa… Я слoвнo […]