June 3, 2018

[Verse 1] Long were the days where the window held the deepest of my thoughts It’s okay, I found my place Found on the way to the place I never […]

[Outro] As I sit here waiting, palms itching I hear the wheels breaking, train coming What’s there to do? [Verse 1] You look smart, but I don’t care I’m not […]

[Outro] Don’t leave me here at sixes and sevens Shot to pieces begging the heavens Begging hellfire and rattling the gate Starting a riot and planning escape Baby’s growing up […]

I follow the Waves to reach the Divine Rituals begun now We’re all drifting into the night! I feel it around me, soon I’ll leave, please don’t let me go […]

[Verse] Algunos amigos han desaparecido En más de un punto difícil del camino Otros amigos no han dejado los bares Y siguen cerrando los peores lugares Algunos amigos son hoy […]

I will not lie to you These words will be true Assistance aside No fabrication This is the truth Sat by the window Watching the birds go Watching the people […]

Lior) There’s wood chip on the walls There’s wood on the stove You would if you could but you cannot I know But i’m still yours alone We’d lie on […]