June 2018

is telling me Moving out too late, [??] Never wanna waste, whipping on your waist I don’t wanna face, probably you should make time Probably you should make time Probably […]

Feels like I can’t read your mind You’re on your way now Things we’re gonna try in due time Before your way out No, don’t keep me waiting too much […]

I try to keep my secrets, but I must admit Sometimes I drink my feelings, so I can let you in Memories bleeding, when you touch my skin Then you’re […]

Crazy, I was crazy to forget if I hold you tighter You’d just slip away But the pages of the book, The ones I thought you took is still there […]

[Electronic music] Paper trails are soaking in my bathroom I don’t know which way they’d like to go I feel that I’m slipping to the dark side I’m fighting for […]

Ooh You’ve got powers You instructed all the demons instead Mmm [Pre-Chorus] Ooh, everyone sees a man so tall, so perfect, they said Yeah, you’ve got ambition I thought we […]

(R.I.P.) I’m in that foreign, that’s like 60 G’s (that’s like 60 G’s) R.I.P., R.I.-R.I.P. (R.I.P.) Don’t pay these bitches, she gon’ fuck for free (she gon’ fuck for free) […]

[Intro] Chopsquad [Chorus] I ain’t gone play with you niggas I ain’t gone play with you niggas I’m not gone play with you niggas Ain’t finna play with you niggas […]

How come I ain’t hear from you no more? [Indie pop Music] I didn’t took your word for it I guess that your promises were lies and what you’ve done […]

I’m underwater and I’m on fire There’s nothing wilder than my heart Just let the current set an emotion Then nothing can keep us apart We’re all swimming into the […]

So, close your eyes and see yourself beyond the neon lights It ain’t real to me, you’re just in a Tokyo dream Every time that you breathe, you fill your […]

Ain’t want to preach, ain’t want to speak of what I don’t know I’ve laid that burden down With one hand I’m reaching for the sky And one hand holding […]

Last flare from the lifetboat Last air in my lungs Right now even I know that you’ve got someone Some people see the diamond Some can only see the flaws […]

[Verse 1] This is such a perfect place I’m glad I found this with you Our love reflected in your face Only Heaven can beat this view [Pre-Chorus] Come on, […]