May 26, 2018

Give me some fucking personality! Somebody? What happened to personality [Bridge: Matt] You are afraid Uneducated on where this would lead Going on for far too long We are sorry […]

Can you remember, you remember the last night That I stayed over? Can you remember, you remember the last night You ran me over? [Verse 1: Mark Hoppus & Matt […]

(feat. Anderson .Paak & Ty Dolla $ign) [NOT FULL] Cherries on a candy tree I’ll touch what I can reach Your sex like branches To the leaf And it won’t […]

(feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [NOT FULL] I’m so stuck in my ways I’m so stuck I won’t change I don’t know how to forget All my enemies gotta pay

[Verse] I’ve got to get this under control Everything around me is getting hard to take Pull my eyelids over don’t fool around Recognize reason when I see again Got […]

As I am, as you are Immortalized, birds of paradise These children come at you with knives Gutter born but birds of paradise Everything is not enough Then everything becomes […]

The tree you planted Is still holding on Leaves are turning Like nothing’s wrong Oh, what freedom To only need the rain Been without you since May, ninety-four Tricks of […]

Jauh mana mampu bertahan Sampai bila harusku telan Setiap kali bertentangan Tiada ketenangan Cemburumu merantai hati Meleburkan semangat diri Bila aku kenangkan kemanisan lalu Semua itu ku ketepikan [Chorus:] Andaiku […]

Sei, sei sei Giro di notte con le anime perse si, della famiglia io sono il ribelle tu vendimi l’anima e ti mando alle stelle e il paradiso è un’astuta […]

Love don’t end, girl if it means no good for me She’s good for me, too good These hoes love playing me Heartbreaking me Don’t pray for me Just bring […]