May 14, 2018

[Chorus] Gold wings Where do you think you’re going? If you goin’ fly I’ll follow I’ll follow, I’ll follow you Gold wings Where do you think you’re going? Show me […]

Tep No) [Verse 1] Santa Monica was cold tonight Come over my house Don’t look in my eyes Say you love me but it’s just not right Give you a […]

O] Pihal saenggageun eopseo (Chanyeol – No no) Budichigo kkaejilsurok Tumyeonghame bicheul deohae Nal wanseonghae naganeungeol [Chen] Deoeopshi hwaryeohaejin (Suho – Nae moseubeun ije) Yeongweontorok neoye gyeoteseo~ Byeonchi aneul kkeorago […]

When I sketch the bar from my spinal cord. Chain glowing in the black light, i’ll put you on if you act right. Since I set the bar, don’t wanna […]

Don’t worry ’bout tomorrow Don’t you know that His joy is your strength Can you fathom it? A little too much time on your hands So many things pressing your […]

(Jerónimo Cerdá Cabrera) I´m a lot, of wasted oportunities Cause I don´t, speak when I know And I don´t know, whats the reason To don´t talk, when I know. Maybe […]

O – oh) [Baekhyun] Sarajiji (Chen/Baekhyun – ma) Ige kkeuchinde (Chen – Ige kkeuchinde) Dashineun ireon sarang eomneungeol (Chen – Dashineun ireon sarang eopseo) [D. O – Oh yeah yeah […]