May 10, 2018

[Verse 1] I will always remember The day you kissed my lips Light as a feather And it went just like this No, it’s never been better Than the summer […]

Cold.. Wet… drowning in loneliness I pray a ray of sunshine is heaven sent Days pass by… in colors of grey Skies of my life keep whirling away You came […]

[Intro] 7seaz RICH Yeah Yeah [Chorus] Got some bad bitches and you know that they royal I’ve got stacked riches now my life is just spoiled I ain’t got no […]

I’m on South Beach with E Feezy throwing stacks nigga Turn to the match nigga, facts nigga She met me for the first time, didn’t know how to act nigga […]

Uuuuh uuh uuh uh Uuuuh uuh uuh uh [R&B/ Soul music] Doesn’t seem like a wildfire? Only you can keep this flame alive? See that burning bridge right through the […]

feat. Kweku Collins, Rane Raps & Nick Kosma Act like you’re sinner I can’t seem to find myself right now Lord, forgive me for my sins I don’t think I’m […]