May 6, 2018

[Chorus: Sophie] Com Deus me deito Com Deus me levanto Comigo eu calo Comigo eu canto Eu bato um papo Eu bato um ponto Eu tomo um drinque Eu fico […]

Scorched Earth Scorched Earth! Indiscriminate killings Lacking reason why Hunting you down from the sky A trail of destruction Afflicting plague and strife Leaving the sick ones to die Scorched […]

[Verse 1] Дeлaй вoпрeки, дeлaй oт руки Мир пeрeвeрни, нeбo oпрoкинь В кaждoм нaбрoскe, в кaждoм чeрнoвикe Учитeль прoдoлжaeтся в свoём учeникe Всю мoю жизнь я иду кo дну Всю […]

[Verse 2] No good’s happening World, we’re out of captains Everyone just wants a better life They tried to kill us Love to say they feel us But they won’t […]