May 4, 2018

Wait for the ride I need a shot [Pre-Chorus] I pretend I don’t see you texting You pretend you don’t see me wildin’ I get mad at you when you […]

[Verse 1] When there’s no comfort in comfortable Stolen chances and color coats You can’t invest with your full heart You feel it crumble before you start [Chorus] The path […]

Twisting masses taking form beyond the murky black Severed from reality, impossible to turn back Souls held captive, wither away and die Sickening screams of horror rend the affrighted skies […]

Re-humanize our lives! Reprogram your aim, rewrite our law (x2) Facing the blind of collective delusion I need my freedom from this evil deception I am the enemy I am […]

[R&B & Soul music] I want you, but don’t need you You were never here to stay You cut me so deeply These scars are here to stay This anxiety […]