Toni Basil sues Viacom, Walt Disney Co., Forever 21 in continued rights battle over ‘Mickey’

According to the new   suit, which was filed on Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court,   Razor & Tie “regularly held themselves out as rights holders with the ability to license ‘Mickey’ for commercial synchronization,” when in fact it had no right to do so. Toni Basil at the MTV Movie Awards in 1999.   The defendants, the suit also claims, “knowingly used [Basil’s] name, likeness, and/or persona for the purpose of advertising, selling, and/or soliciting purchase of merchandise, goods and/or services” without her consent.The suit claims Basil “became withdrawn, despondent and physically ill” as a result of the alleged   unauthorized use in shows including “South Park” and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and commercials by Forever 21,Attorneys for Basil and Razor & Tie were unavailable for immediate comment on Friday. The recent suit is part of a saga stretching back decades. Basil alleges that Razor & Tie   has been illegally licensing the song   for use in commercials and TV shows. Latest updates (Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times)Toni Basil, the acclaimed choreographer and self-described one-hit wonder, has filed   suit against various corporations, including Walt Disney Co., Viacom and Forever 21, as well as the music publisher Razor   & Tie.It’s the latest development   in Basil’s ongoing fight over rights to the popular song “Mickey,” which she recorded in 1981.