The Fosters boss shares 3 things to remember going into tonight’s prom episode

It’ll also feature some familiar faces we haven’t seen in awhile (we won’t spoil these, but they’re a treat… and one involves an epic haircut), some romantic shake-ups, and one big, frighteningly timely story line regarding   Ximena’s immigration status. “Just breathe. Here, at the show, we know that we have to hit milestones, especially in teenagers’ lives. So that’s why we’re doing the alt-prom on The Fosters and I think it’s a really fun ride.”
The season 5A finale of   The Fosters airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform. With all that excitement, we thought we might need a little preparation for Tuesday night’s summer finale, so we turned to the source, co-creator and executive producer Bradley Bredeweg, for three things to keep in mind before the first boutonniere is pinned. “Have a good time. What we find is everyone wants everything in one episode, and I totally understand that as a viewer and fan of other shows where I get impatient, but just breathe. We try not to do the typical prom episode or birthday episode — we try to make them our own. It’s a beautiful prom. It’s a really beautiful finale at the alt-prom that Joanna Johnson directed.”
2. 1. “Just know that we’re setting up some bigger cliffhangers going into season 5B, so be ready for those.”
3. Prom has finally arrived for the students of Anchor Beach Community Charter School, and, as any fan of   The Fosters might expect, the twinkle-light-backed event will bring ample pretty dresses and even more drama. A lot of things come together in the finale. Show Full Article