September 2, 2017

Oh, it’ll be grand, grand We’d sit on the beach Holding hands in the sand, sand [Verse 2] I wish I was a pirate With a hat and an eyepatch […]

I say hi, you say hi We stay high You look so pretty, yeah [Chorus] I’m sweatin’ from head to toe I’m wet through all my clothes I’m fully charged, […]

/6 feet/ (x4) /stay down right down/ (x4) /6 feet/ (x4) /stay down right downnn/ (x4) Scarlxrd lyrics Video feet I got my foot on the throttle, yh drowning my […]

Arewell to your bricks and mortar, farewell to your dirty lies Farewell to your gangers and gang planks, to hell with your overtime For the good ship Ragamuffin is lying […]

Hush now, don’t explain Just say you’ll remain I’m glad your back, don’t explain Quiet, don’t explain What is there to gain Skip that lipstick Don’t explain You know that […]