World of Dance winners Les Twins ‘couldn’t even breathe’ as scores were announced

World of Dance   will return for a second season on NBC. World of Dance concluded its first season Tuesday night with a near-photo finish, as French hip-hop duo Les Twins edged out Eva Igo, a 14-year-old contemporary dancer from Minnesota, and won the $1 million prize by a mere two-tenths of a point. “I had the hardest week ever.”
In asking about the experience of performing on the show, both brothers continued to go back to how much they enjoyed working with some of their competitors, saying they teared up saying goodbye to tap dancer Kyle Van Newkirk and joking that Igo “taught us so much.”
“Behind the scenes on   World of Dance, you want to win, but you still want the help people,” Larry explained. We couldn’t even breathe when our names were announced as the winner.”

While Les Twins may have scored high every week and skated through round after round of competition, Larry says the previous week — after Laurent injured his Achilles but they wound up performing with him in a wheelchair — was the most difficult. “We knew America will watch this TV show, and it’s hard for Les Twins to lose to a little girl,” he said. Show Full Article “We were stressed out a little bit. “It was not easy to see him in the wheelchair,” Larry said. “My brother was helping so many crews on the side that my mother would tell him, like, ‘Don’t do that. Despite their disparate experiences — Les Twins has toured with Beyoncé while Igo is, well, a 14-year-old girl — Laurent Nicolas Bourgeois, one-half of Les Twins, admits he and his brother Larry were nervous as the results were revealed. You’re all here for the same reason.’”
“She reminded me and my brother it was for a million dollars!” Laurent added. Justin Lubin/NBC
As for what they’ll do with that cash, both gentlemen have lofty dreams (a restaurant, a nightclub, a clothing line — the list goes on), but together, “we’re focused on a project in music and performance,” Laurent said. It’s not your job. In fact, they released a single, “What Happened,” on iTunes earlier this week.