With Erinn Hayes exit, death comes to ‘Kevin Can Wait’ in season two

It wasn’t a test run. Latest updates Erin Hayes’ character will be killed off in the Kevin James sitcom “Kevin Can Wait” at the start of season two. press tour, that Kevin James will become a widower on his sitcom “Kevin Can Wait.”   The network previously announced that Erinn Hayes was   exiting her role as James’ wife Donna. It was stunt casting that was meant to pump a little something into the show and it turned out really well.”James and Remini starred together for nine seasons on “King of Queens,” which ended its run on CBS in 2007.The move marks a network TV comeback for Remini, who last worked on CBS as a co-host of its daytime chat-fest “The Talk.” Known for clashing with the show’s producers, Remini was fired from the show after one season.Remini’s latest series “Scientology and the Aftermath” on A&E was recently nominated for an Informational series Emmy. “I’m not sure we can make that hilarious. It will be something that will have taken place in the past.”As to why Hayes was released from her role, Kahl said it was a matter of James, the studios that produce the series and the network being pleased with the “Kevin Can Wait” guest shots by Remini.James plays a retired police officer on the series. (Michael Parmelee / CBS)The Grim Reaper will make a rare appearance on a CBS sitcom this upcoming season.CBS entertainment president Kelly Kahl and senior executive vice president Thom Sherman revealed Tuesday, at their inaugural session in front of the Television Critics Assn. Sherman   noted that the show would jump forward in time in   season two, in which James will be reunited with his “King of Queens” co-star, Leah Remini, who is joining the cast as a regular.“It will be addressed tastefully and set up as a way of moving forward,” Kahl said. Remini appeared as his former partner in a two-episode story called “Sting of Queens.” While that title should have tipped everyone off, Kahl said Remini’s return was not the plan at the time.“Erinn did a great job,” Kahl said. “When everyone collectively saw how Kevin and Leah worked together in the last few episodes there was an undeniable spark there.