Queen Elizabeth II faces humiliation and scandal in ‘The Crown’ Season 2 trailer

She also gives birth to   her third and fourth children, princes Andrew and Edward, in that time period.In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Foy described the   royal couple as facing down the tumultuous decade   with little to no success.“It’s a torrent coming at them and they don’t   know how to cope,” Foy said. 8. Latest updates Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) formally makes Philip (Matt Smith) a British prince in Season 2 of Netflix’s “The Crown.” (Robert Viglasky / Netflix)Young Queen Elizabeth II endures   crises at home and abroad   in Season 2 of Netflix’s historical drama   “The Crown.””I’ve learned more about humiliation in the past few weeks than I hoped I would in a lifetime,” says Elizabeth, played by Emmy-nominated actress Claire Foy, in the series’ new trailer.”I’ve been queen barely 10 years. “They judge it wrongly every single time.”Meanwhile, her free-wheeling sister, Princess Margaret, (Vanessa Kirby) and her blooming romance with her future ex-husband — commoner and   photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones (Matthew Goode) — takes off with its own set of scandals.Foy also teased to her favorite episode, which features President John F. A glimpse of that meeting (with “Dexter” alum Michael C. And in that time, I’ve had three prime ministers. Kennedy and First Lady   Jackie Kennedy visiting Buckingham Palace in 1961. “It was such fun to play.”The first season of Peter Morgan’s expensive biographical drama   has already earned two Golden Globe Awards and is up for 10 Emmys in September.Season 2 of “The Crown” begins streaming on Dec. Not one has lasted the course,” she says, referring to the retirement of Winston Churchill (John Lithgow) at the end of Season 1 and the calamitous resignation of prime ministers Anthony Eden and Harold Macmillan   that will unfold in Season 2.Taking place between 1955 and 1964, the British monarch must contend with her crumbling empire and escalating political crises,   as well as her tenuous marriage to   Prince Philip (Matt Smith), whose “wild spirit” remains untamed. Hall as JFK and Jodi Balfour as Jackie O.)   appears in the trailer.”I loved the episode because it’s about these two disparate women, women who are so very observed, coming to know each other,”   Foy said.