Narcos season 3: Netflix featurette previews life after Pablo

When Netflix’s cops-and-dealers drama Narcos returns for its third season, the good guys will be battling not one kingpin (R.I.P. Also: a peek at how the action will arrive Stateside — specifically in New York City. Adds showrunner Eric Newman, “Pablo Escobar’s death didn’t affect the flow of cocaine one iota.”
The video goes on to outline this season’s villains and the international dangers they represent, as well as introduce to the new law enforcement partners that’ll be chasing down the bad guys this season. Pablo Escobar) but four: the frighteningly efficient cartel known as the Gentlemen of Cali. Thankfully, a new preview featurette from Netflix assures that Pedro Pascal’s Agent   Peña is still there to crash the party — even without Agent Murphy (Boyd Holbrook). Narcos season 3 drops on Netflix on Friday, Sept. “I think season 3 is very different for the surviving characters involved,” Pascal says at the top of the video. Show Full Article 1.