JAY-Z remade Friends with black actors

At two points, the video breaks down the fourth wall, like when comedian Hannibal Buress comes to visit — and tease — Carmichael. / Ones we can depend on” — plays on. The clip, presented as a music video for   4:44   track “Moonlight” and directed by Master of None‘s Alan Yang,   kicks off with Stanfield and his   Get Out   costar Lil Rey Howery channeling Joey and Chandler before Ross stand-in Jerrod Carmichael strides in. “You gonna do black   Full House   next? Watch the full short over at Tidal to see where Carmichael-as-Ross ends up. “It’s just episodes of   Seinfeld,   but with black people,” Buress says. Then, it’s time for the opening credits: The whole crew messes around on a couch in front of a fountain as Whodini’s “Friends” — a 1984 song with lyrics like “Friends / How many of us have them? “Who asked for that?”
After Carmichael corrects him that, no, this is   Friends,   and he said yes because he thought it would be “subversive,” Buress ribs him more: “You did a good job of subverting good comedy,” he responds. Family Ties?  

Show Full Article JAY-Z gathered some of today’s hottest stars for a remake of   Friends   that replaces the gang with a cast of black actors, including   Insecure‘s Issa Rae   and   Atlanta’s Lakeith Stanfield. It’s soon revealed that Rae is Rachel, Westworld‘s Tessa Thompson plays Monica, and Girls Trip   star Tiffany Haddish   is Phoebe. Home Improvement?”

By the video’s end, the style switches from a bright, sterile sitcom to something dreamier as Rae leads Carmichael off the soundstage and “Moonlight” begins playing.