House of Cards star campaigns to play Trump aide Stephen Miller on SNL

But the casting has to make sense. Zach Braff also made a plea to play Miller on social media, writing earlier this week, “Dear Lorne Michaels, I can do this. I'm around, just sayin. “If you happen to need someone I’m around,” he wrote next to a side-by-side comparison of Stamper and Miller. Put me in Coach. “Just sayin.”
He also pitched the idea of channeling   Trump superfan Gene Huber, a role he’d be “thrilled to play.”

Oh please oh please I might finally get my shot at @nbcsnl #StephenMiller
— Michael Kelly (@michaeljkellyjr) August 5, 2017

Hey @SNLUpdate if you happen to need someone I'm around. We got a lot of Kellyanne [Conway] and [Steve] Bannon pitches. Just sayin.
— Michael Kelly (@michaeljkellyjr) February 19, 2017

Kelly’s not the only one taking a grassroots route. It’s in the vein of Melissa and Alec [Baldwin] and Larry David, and it’s never happened before. As the Trump adviser’s name came up in reports about a possible replacement for the White House communications director, Kelly tweeted at the late-night sketch comedy series about his hope for the upcoming season.
— Zach Braff (@zachbraff) August 2, 2017

SNL producer Lindsay Shookus explained to The Hollywood Reporter in a March story, “We’ve gotten a lot of pitches from people, big people, like, I can play this person on the Cabinet, or I can play this person. “Oh please oh please I might finally get my shot at @nbcsnl #StephenMiller,” the actor wrote. Mario Cantone filled a void on The President Show by portraying the newly minted and then quickly ousted communications director. That’s not what we do.”
Since SNL went on hiatus after the season 42 finale, Sean Spicer, famously portrayed by Melissa McCarthy, departed his post as White House Press Secretary as President Trump ushered in Anthony Scaramucci. You don’t want to make a splash to make a splash. #snl
— Michael Kelly (@michaeljkellyjr) February 18, 2017

Ok @nbcsnl if not Stephen Miller I would also be thrilled to play …..this. Michael Kelly portrays Frank Underwood’s infamous right-hand man, Doug Stamper, on Emmy contender House of Cards, but he’s vying for another politically charged role these days: Stephen Miller. Cantone’s character recently made his goodbyes to   Anthony Atamanuik’s Trump by delivering a smooch from “The Mooch.”

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As it happens, Kelly planted the idea of portraying Miller when he tweeted to the official feed for “Weekend Update” back in February. Put me in Coach.”

Dear Lorne Michaels, I can do this. Even more specifically, Stephen Miller on Saturday Night Live.