HBO hackers reportedly threaten to leak more content Sunday

Ultimately what the hackers have is still very much a mystery. But the   report also noted that only 300 megabytes from HBO have been released so far. In addition, a new report by The Washington Post   said U.S. intelligence officials believe the HBO hack is much smaller than the data breach at Sony in 2014. There’s also a general belief that the company’s most valuable programming asset — upcoming Game of Thrones episodes — have not been exposed aside from one script that was uploaded Sunday. It’s also unclear how new material will be distributed as a website listing leak links has been offline for days. EW was first to report the hack, which last Sunday included upcoming episodes of Room 104 and   Ballers. The update comes on the heels of HBO’s chairman Richard Plelper reassuring employees Wednesday that the company’s email system “as a whole” wasn’t likely compromised. The message also reportedly reiterated the hackers’ claim that 1.5 terabytes of content were stolen. An automated email reply   message from the hackers obtained by   Variety on Thursday contained a pledge to gradually upload more material. After several days of silence, the HBO hackers have issued a threat to release more of the network’s pilfered data. Specifically, the hackers said they would leak content on a weekly basis on Sundays at “12 GMT” — a roll-out that echoes HBO’s own original programming schedule.  

Show Full Article So if the 1.5 terabyte claim is correct, it still means there’s a considerable amount of unreleased material.