Drake’s dad dropped a sexy music video — and the internet is digging it

— Bobby (@GucciJonez) August 1, 2017

Dennis Graham, Heat. 👓 @virginiablackwhiskey
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“Kinda Crazy” has been met mostly with positive reactions on the internet, with Twitter users calling it “smooth as hell” and “fire.”
Watch the video above and see some reactions below. I rock w/ it
— DIDNT BLOW IT 4-1 🏆 (@ThePhamousOG) August 1, 2017

wait drake's dad is actually a good singer
— TGG Kevin (@Kevinkev1337) August 1, 2017

On who Drake's Dad got that fire 😂🔥 pic.twitter.com/7pVdgdg41z
— North 🔌 (@NorthMusicPlug) August 1, 2017

If y'all ain't here Drake's dad new song y'all sleep! Dennis Graham, Kinda Crazy is smooth as hell. — Taje Bowen (@TajeBowen) August 1, 2017

Drake look just like him lol but this 🔥🔥🔥🔥 RT @danielgotskillz: Drake’s Dad dropped a video on you hoes pic.twitter.com/HXMc8YXjnG
— Tek 410 (@speakinfactz) August 1, 2017

this is a wavy tune by drake's dad 🌊 pic.twitter.com/5Il6tep2Le
— The Merchant (@xxlande) August 1, 2017

Quit calling Drake's Dad's song a "banger." Its not. Almost a year after first teasing his R&B single “Kinda Crazy,” the elder Graham has released the accompanying video, which conjures up memories of ’90s music videos with plenty of smoke, a long white suit, and a throne-like chair. Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, is back with a sexy new music video. Now Drake is gonna say some shit like "My Dad makes hotter songs than you" in a song
— Paul Casillas (@PaulyPeligroso) August 1, 2017

Show Full Article The song and Drake’s dad have gotten more than “Fake Love” from the Grammy-winning rapper, who featured both in his new ad for Virginia Black Whiskey.