Broad City now has a sex toy line

Show Full Article Broad City’s fourth season debuts on Comedy Central Sept. The   Broad City   Twitter account posted a link to the online shop along with a clip from a previous episode where Ilana reaches for a vibrator during some alone time. 13. And, yes, this is an official collaboration. These aren’t just   any   sex toys, of course. (A vibrator version of that mint-green lipstick she applies beforehand is also included in the round-up of toys.)

time to get ya freak on with the Broad City x LoveHoney sex toy collab YUP this is real
— Broad City (@broadcity) August 9, 2017

The toys are available for purchase on the Lovehoney website here. One hot pink vibrator features “YAS KWEEN,” Ilana’s exclamation of choice, written down its side, while a set of kegel balls are titled Nature’s Pocket, a callback to the time Ilana used that phrase to describe her vagina, where she was storing her weed. You’ve already let   Broad City   into your life, and now it’s time to let the show into your sex life: There is now a   Broad City-themed sex toy line that includes vibrators, butt plugs, and, in reference to stand-out episode “Knockoffs,”   a pegging kit.