August 26, 2017

LIVELightning Crashes Lyrics Lightning crashes, a new mother cries Her placenta falls to the floor The angel opens her eyes, the confusion sets in Before the doctor can even close […]

Hey, love What you doing later? ‘Cause I’ve got a great place to take you I’ll be on, on my best behavior ‘Cause I want you illuminated [Bridge: Drew Ramos] […]

Life’s a movie, let the camera roll Fast life moving, ain’t no going slow That’s right, baby, you already know You already know, hope you’re ready Ready, steady, steady, rocking […]

I’m just looking for the truth.(know your name) Maybe if they think you’re crazy They won’t mess with you I said, they won’t mess with you Trust me Oh, […]

Ignorant, bad vibes I got a lot. Psychotic, on the edge of insanity. Leave me, leave me, leave me alone! (What the hell did I do wrong?) You laughed and […]

CHRISTY MOOREBiko Drum Lyrics And they went home on an Easter road On a silent night tryin’ not to show Who goes where and who goes when Thinkin’ some day […]