August 25, 2017

Letra Mc Dn – Desapega O menina não vem de caô “Nóis” não tá de bobeira Na pista meu bonde atracou Segunda é domingueira De marola “nóis” tá Deixe o […]

Then we blow it like that, that Then we blow it like that, thattt. And we can lose it all and baby get it right back Make a couple dollaaars […]

Mein Chef: „Das geht nicht!“, ich sag’: „Na, dann pass auf!“ Ich bin kein Maler, doch ich mach’ blau. Bla-blauuu! Bla-blauuu! Mach ihn aus! Hey! (x2) Guck, der Himmel ist […]

[Intro] Dear momma Love you momma I ain’t goin, momma That be Maaly Raw [Chorus] Dear momma I don’t wanna sign off (no way) Outchea getting commas (commas) Like my […]

DGMGuiding Light Lyrics Once in a land of devils and sands I saw the gift of the desert Lost in a time of desperate cries I heard the sound of […]

DEEP WOUNDSick Of Fun Lyrics Did all the things kids are supposed to do Played mini golf ate chinese food Drugs Movies Video till I drop All this fun stuff […]

DEAD HEADSlay Your Kind Lyrics Slay thy children Sacrifice their souls Gather the bodies Let the flesh rot Pray for your children Burning of time Church is forgotten Faith has […]