August 22, 2017

Oh Charlena. You know I cry. Fine, fine, fine, Please be mine, Charlena. Whoah! Oh, how I love you, Oh, how I love you, Please behave, Don’t go away. Charlena. […]

Madonna, “Ray of Light” (1998) This isn’t the best of Madonna’s videos: That would be “Vogue.” Or “Express Yourself.” Or heck, maybe even the banned “Justify My Love.” Such was […]

Lyrics Montana of 300 – Busta Rhymes Notorious My warriors Be glorious Twenty-eight, Twenty two, now stories up So keep my dick up out your mouth don’t be twisting the […]

Yo soy un tío normal que escribe por que vive, concibe el mundo como una serie de anime ni mimen, ni me minen, ni me miren pero anímense, mira que […]