August 16, 2017

DEF LEPPARDWe Belong Lyrics Sometimes I feel I don’t belong here Sometimes I just don’t feel I feel so uninvited A wound that never heals I need a little shelter […]

JOHN LODGERainbow Lyrics Make my life a rainbow Paint it every day Break my heart or even sin Do it, right away Make my life the morning A promise for […]

ALABAMAFallin’ Again Lyrics Thinking of the faces I’ve seen Back when I was young and green I was falling back then But now I’m workin’ on building a fire And […]

Christobel (gone away) Yes Christobel (gone away) Christobel (gone away) Why won”t you just fall in love With me Christobel (gone away) JOAN AS POLICE WOMANChristobel Lyrics Christobel When the […]

WYTCHFYNDEBlessed Be Lyrics Cardinals And Bishops Sit In Pious Pose Handing Down Their Judgements Blood And Terror Flow Preaching Their False Values To Those To Blind To See They Revel […]

SUEDEThe Power Lyrics Through endless Asia, through the fields of Cathay or enslaved in pebble-dash grave with a kid on the way If you’re far over Africa on the wings […]

FUNERAL MOURNINGDrown In Solitude Lyrics Cold, alone in a void Blind but my eyes are open Nothing felt, nothing heard Rotting Decayed Broken Nausea Drown in waters filled with silence

The Bronx, Queens Manhattan! [Chorus] [over Chorus:] Flatbush! [Chorus] [over Chorus:] Big up to the firefighters, rest in peace World Trades y’know Brooklyn! N.Y., every year we fresh again I […]