August 13, 2017

XXXTentacion lyrics Video end Lyrics XXXTentacion – In the end By my window Broken glass No one here knows I am dead. In the end I won’t cry, I won’t […]

Lyrics Gianluca Vacchi – Viento Lo sigo viento Adorado de un hombre sereno De hombre moreno. Gianluca Vacchi lyrics Video Gianluca Vacchi

Yeah, yeah not you nigga, ’cause I’ma 8-figure all time pro Not at the top so you really don’t know Keep playing PUB, only game I see you winning as […]

[Intro] DJ what Dexter, ooo, fuck your, hah Diamonds dancing like club tho Huh, fucking bitches, know what I’m saying Dexter, ooo, what, yeah, ah, what [Verse] AP diamonds dancing […]

Ah, ah, ah, ah To all the parents with sleepless nights, Sleepless nights. Salvation, salvation, salvation is free. Salvation, salvation, salvation is free. Salvation, salvation, salvation is free. To all […]

IVORYBeat Beat Lyrics Verse 1: beat beat on that drum I can feel your heart beat beat on top of mine beat beat on that drum-do you really want this […]

on when it’s time to ride Put them before my children My momma say i’m trippin I’m stucks inside the trenches Out the perkey i be trippin And these niggas […]

I never knew you could be so savage So savage I never knew you could be so… READ  Ice Prince – Trillions Lyrics ft. He takes the sun from the […]

Kirko Bangz – Movin Slow Lyrics Houston born Kirko Bangz is another rapper from the city who has always used his sweet singing voice to his advantage. type in the […]