August 12, 2017

Badekaret til Pelle, Uiuuu! Badevannet er kaldt, det kan hende du fryser. Badekaret til Pelle, Uiuuu! Badekaret til Pelle, oh baby! I tillegg er badevannet ganske teit; Det er lettmelk […]

Yah, ahem [Verse] First, let me hop out the motherf**kin’ Porsche I don’t want her if that ass don’t sit like a horse I be ballin’ on these niggas, got […]

Lyrics to ‘Hurtin Me’ by Stefflon Don: –Intro: Stefflon Don & French Montana– Oh, I see you, see, I see, yeah Montana Stefflon Don Know what it is when you […]

Lyrics to ‘Real Deal’ by Jessie J: –Intro– Hey, woo! –Verse 1– Flyin’ (fly up) You and your heart woke up So you choked on the silence (woke up) It’s […]