August 10, 2017

I have boys in every country code Just a rollin’ stoner on a roll I’d bring the cowngirl out and cock them guns Always leave before the cowboy comes [Pre-Chorus] […]

I wanna lay in your arms when the world is burning I wanna dig in your heart, take away your hurting Kiss me and tell me I’m fine and forget […]

TOM BLOCKCity Zen Lyrics I am your poorest citizen I practice purest city zen I spent all winter here in a flat cold as ice learning that my future is […]

CAVOLast Day Lyrics A million miles away, from where you are How did I let you get away under these stars A thousand bridges burned I won’t look back A […]

Lyrics to ‘(Not) The One’ by Bebe Rexha: –Verse 1– Oh my god, here we go I drank a little too much again Now I’m stuck in your bed again […]

Lyrics to ‘I Got Time’ by Bebe Rexha: –Chorus– I just wanna do what I want (what I want, just) I don’t want no one to tell me nothing (nothing, […]

We got nothing but time As long as you’re right here next to me, everything’s gonna be alright –Chorus: Florida Georgia Line– If it’s meant to be, it’ll be, it’ll […]

You’re getting comfortable, you’re getting too comfortable, yeah –Post-Chorus: Bebe Rexha– Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah You’re […]

Lyrics to ‘Taking Pictures’ by Kirko Bangz: Stay Tune Lyrics Will Be Updated Soon!!!

Lyrics to ‘Barely Human’ by Royce da 5’9″: –Intro: Krizz Kaliko– Oheya Oheya Ey Ey I’m barely Human –Chorus: Krizz Kaliko– Just stroke my ego Call me your hero I’m […]

[Chorus] 11 hour nap off the Actavis I stumble over FedEx packages It’s Ravishing Rick Rude in the matte tint Black tint, blue wrist Helicopter pad feels like a windstorm […]

[Intro] RiFF! Don’t, uh uh [Chorus] I used to ride around in the forest green Jag, Jag I used to ride around, mad, mad Mad ’cause I had to work […]

(Oh, I’m no angel, when you look at me) When you look at me, what do you see? [Intro: Normani & (Lauren)] Who said I was an angel? (Oh, yeah) […]