August 9, 2017

She’s my sister, I love my sister Some times we fight at nice other times we do’nt get along. Their are even times we fight. BARNEYThe Sister Song Lyrics Some […]

HAMMERSCHMITTHalleluja Lyrics Seht nur – der blaue Himmel Seht nur – die Macht der Berge Seht nur – den Glanz der Meere Seht nur – die Frucht der Erde Ein […]

Never to be redeemed Will you suffer? Peering through our souls we’ve lost our way home… Stripped of our dignity Promises mean everything In a world so cold. Redeemer her […]

KAYAKAlienation Lyrics Time goes by Drifting away Where, how or why No one can really say We’ve come, we’ll pass Floating along Like weightless mass Beneath a dying sun We […]

For every “yes” a thousand “no’s” and for every dam that I tried to built there is a promise of flooding and a memory of the ocean. I hope I […]

I said goddamn. There’s a knock at your door, You think it’s such an easy score. Have you gone too far with your baby, Mmm, she just aint your type. […]

(Merci? Ton sourire est imparable, Ton r?ve formidable Cherche encore des poux A un monde? genoux. Ton sourire est imparable, Pour des r?ves formidables Cherche encore des poux, A un […]

Now I trust a shiver to bring this body’s bad news. Now I don’t worry too much about what I really have to loose, because I’d surely give it all […]

Just chillin’ man, you out there crackin’ it alright Tryin’ to do my thing ya know Thats right, you know what I’m saying Make sure you watch your back man […]

I need that I ain’t pamper shit, no feed back Naked strippers, we need that I’m a good tipper, if you work that –Hook : Jay 305– Why you so […]

Begging the silence now Try not to escape There’s no way out of this circusss. High ride in the spot light Can’t fly, afraid of heights Can’t see the end, […]