August 8, 2017

Campbell’s hit singles were mainstays of the easy listening radio formats during the cultural upheaval and musical revolution of the late-60s and early-70s, and his work often lacked widespread critical […]

Despite its saccharine strings and easy melody, “Everyday Housewife” was a tortured exploration of aging, nostalgia, and gender. 1 country hits. “Dreams of the Everyday Housewife,” 1968 The lead single […]

That’s part of the reason for the delay as Platt is currently focused on A Christmas Story, which just announced Maya Rudolph in a leading role and will debut Sunday, […]

[Verse 1] You order a drink, it goes down smooth Before you can blink, it turns into two It was just gonna be another night with the boys Shooting some […]

Now let’s copy poker face like Woow wa oh oh, Woow wa oh oh… (Hahahahaha) WoW! BAD ROMANCE! Now the girls are lining up Because were pussy sailin But we […]