August 2, 2017

Meek Mill lyrics Lyrics Meek Mill How? Lyrics Meek Mill – Price S**t, ever since I got money I ain’t been happy like I used to They say, “You got […]

You’ve come too far to lose it all, It’s too late to turn back. JASON CHENHow To Fly Lyrics (Verse) When you feel like you’re lost, can’t be found When […]

BOTANISTGanoderma Lucidum Lyrics In churning cauldron imbibe Pulverized acrid salvation To drink immortality While the others wither and die Coumerin anticoagulation Blood runs free From mana mystic Never grow old […]

SKIDSNight And Day Lyrics The city lights are dying, Two burning suns cruise west, Stomachs taught, With the smack of wine Left behind the streets of sweat, Bled a thousand […]

Cuando se unen corazones lo mas bello se disponen su latido te acompaña hasta que la luz se empaña. EDNITA NAZARIOCorazon Lyrics Dime como diablos controlar el corazón dime como […]

I don´t care anymore just like I never did before Find myself staring at the walls like a psychopathic man thinking about nothing at all you´d never understand. AGNOSTIC FRONTJailbreak […]

Then he…?and he’s holding the weatherbox Holding the weatherbox Holding the weatherbox Sun is falling down Sky is falling down Seasons falling down Air is falling down Falling… The air […]