August 2, 2017

[Verse 1] Yeah Yeah Rollin’ backwoods to the face I just fucked your bitch all in her face aye .40 Smithon Wesson all on my waist aye aye Reach my […]

‘Cause my girls are parked behind [Pre-Chorus] Saw your face in my lane Fall in love everyday You can chase it for the night There’s a place for you and […]

BARNEYMarching Song Lyrics Oh when our band begins to play Oh when our band begins to play We love to march to the music When our band begins to play […]

EATLIZMust Get Laid Lyrics must get laid don’t need your pity cause my mama thinks I’m pretty hello kitty like the city kind of shitty I’m in a very bad […]

E eu, nem queria Vários nenéns Vodka, uísque e tequila Vem, que hoje tem. Vem pra festinha Pra festinha do bundão Chama as amigas E vem, pra festinha do […]