August 1, 2017

READ  B.o.B – Avalanche Lyrics Stream it below. DOWNLOAD Lyrics will be available soon, help us write or submit the song below Submit Lyrics here(required)   Young Buck – Lawd […]

this one right here was also produced by Bisa Kdei himself. READ  Jay Z – Blue’s Freestyle / We Family Lyrics ft. Bisa Kdei – Sister Girl Lyrics BLM frontline […]

Swift – Show Me Lyrics ft. QuavoaDOWNLOAD Swift – Show Me Lyrics ft. [Hook: Quavo] Lil mama walked up on me started whispering to me She telling me the freaky […]

[Intro] Aye, Khaos Bitch you wouldn’t believe bih I just woke up, ainna Just ’bout a few hours ago so you know I’m roamin’ around I did my thug dizzle […]

Boy, I swear, I know it (I know it) Before I spill the beans, lil’ boy, I pour it (pour that shit up) Hannah Montana, knock him out like it’s […]

Nothing to do, eating for two, he’s goin’ out with someone new. Only a child, reckless and wild, needs to come home again. “Despite all the papers been signed, mama […]