EW’s Game of Thrones podcast: The dragons take ‘Dragonstone’

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Feel free to send your thoughts and predictions for the new season to   GOTpodcast@ew.com, or send a tweet to   @JamesHibberd   and   @DarrenFranich. And maps were on everyone’s mind, as the remaining characters took a long look at the enemies surrounding them – and the possible allies that could protect them, or stab them in the back. The fun started early in   Game of Thrones season 7. (Three Kingdoms?) (Are the Greyjoys a kingdom, or an armada?) (Both!) Topics discussed include: The reboot of Euron, the conversion of the Hound, and the possibility that Arya   was Lady Stoneheart all along. Read the full recap of “Dragonstone” by James Hibberd, our man in Westeros, and then listen to the newest episode of   EW’s Game of Thrones Weekly   podcast (posted below), our Monday morning examination of all the latest big moves in the land of the Seven Kingdoms. Before the opening title sequence even rolled, a whole family was wiped off the map. Show Full Article