July 30, 2017

STONE ROSESMade Of Stone Lyrics Your knuckles whiten on the wheel The last thing that your hands will feel Your final flight can’t be delayed Nowhere, just sky, it’s so […]

HUNTER HAYESRescue Lyrics It’s not a prison, it’s not a demon, it’s not a sin No, it’s a state of mind I find myself in It’s not a dream, no, […]

ELANHFranco Lyrics I’m just the page Filled with discomposure Your souls are engaged In this senseless closure I’m not in charge of The future I’m just troubled and blank They […]

On P-TV, better not have step ‘Cause everybody watching they all gon’ witness My power and strength, they see it’s not a toy You’re trying to pet a lion, I’m […]

Opening me within a gesture. So glad that I have found you. Eleven and she was gone. I’ll come to your light, Hold your light. Under a dead Ohio sky, […]