July 25, 2017

#Hero.” Many took to social media to encourage citizens to make their voices heard. You’ll make them lazy.’-Supply Side Jesus” mocking the arguments of those who oppose the Affordable Care […]

MYSTIC CIRCLEThorns Of Lies Lyrics "God tonight your holy temple will be destroyed" Died on the cross for all human sins Called himself a hero arrogant nazarene Controlled by the […]

ARTILLERYPaparazzi Lyrics You bend it, you shape it, you squeeze and then you rape it You just don’t know what you really do For money, for power, each minute of […]

BROKEN HOPEErotic Zoophilism Lyrics As I pet and fondle animals, I get arosed sexually Feeling with the deepest desires to indulge in bestiality Whether it was dogs, cattle, sheep or […]

Who is she? Feel it in my body I-I can feel it in my body. Timeflies lyrics Video Timeflies That first night we walked home You forgot your raincoat That […]